Mar 12 2013

Take the Serta Fitness Challenge and Enter to Win


We all know that sleep and exercise are needed for a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that the more exercise you get, the better you sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation 2013 Poll found a significant correlation between exercise and sleep, highlighting that those who exercise more often have a better sleep than those who don’t work out. Other findings included:

Vigorous exercisers have the best sleep at night and are least likely to report sleep problems.

Less time sitting is associated with better sleep and health.

Exercise at any time of day appears to be good for sleep.

Non-exercisers are the sleepiest and have the highest risk for sleep apnea.

In order to get the best night’s sleep and improve your overall health, Serta challenges you to join the movement and have a fit 2013.

Take the Serta Fitness Challenge Pledge and make a commitment to improve your health.

I pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle by increasing my daily physical activity and getting a good night’s sleep.

I will challenge myself with vigorous to moderate exercise and experiment with new activities.

I will spend less time sitting and take short walks when I am not exercising.

No matter how many obstacles I face, I will continue to work diligently on my journey to improve my health and fitness.

Sign up for the pledge and one lucky winner will receive a Serta Perfect Sleeper Whitley’s Bluff mattress set (size and comfort of winners choice) and a $500 Serta Fitness Gift Pack!

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