Sep 26 2012

Sleep Tips for Fall: How the Season Change Can Impact Your Sleep

Sleep Better this Fall

The beautiful and bright autumn season is here!  While there are many things to enjoy during the fall, the change of seasons can impact your quality of sleep and leave you feeling groggy during the day.  Get the most out of the fall days with these helpful tips to adjust your sleep to the new season.


Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Once the season changes, do you ever find yourself feeling ready for bed hours before your usual bedtime?  As we approach winter and the days gradually get shorter, it’s easy for your body clock to get confused when the sun goes down.  You may have been hitting the hay regularly at 9pm over the summer, but now it’s just as dark at 7:30pm.  Before you consider giving in and going to bed earlier, consider shifting your daily routine so you stick to your typical sleep/wake schedule.  If you feel yourself getting sleepy after dinner, grab your fall jacket and your dog and take a nice walk.  Stick to your normal bedtime routines and before you know it, you can help your body clock adjust and stay on track.

Goodbye, Air Conditioning!

Switching off the air conditioning and cracking open the bedroom window is one of the simple pleasures of fall.  (Not to mention the wonders it does for lowering energy bills!)  This means you may be switching from your lighter summer linens to your heavier fall blankets for sleep.  Be aware of your body temperature during sleep and pick the right top of bed items for the fall.  Using a blanket that’s very warm and heavy may feel great while your are falling asleep, but can cause you to get too hot overnight.  Look for items that help keep you comfortable without disrupting your sleep.

Comfort Food Overload

What tastes better on a crisp fall night than a big plate of old fashioned comfort food?  It’s easy to fill up on warm, rich food this time of the year.  But, it’s very important to eat these types of food in moderation and not within two hours of your regular bedtime.  Your eating patterns impact how you sleep, so maintain a balanced diet and resist the temptation to indulge after hours.  Your body will thank you in the morning.

Consider Your Mattress

Are you doing all of the right things when it comes to your bedtime ritual, but still not sleeping well?  Don’t forget to check your mattress, which is the centerpiece of your sleep every night.  If it’s been 7 or more years since you’ve purchased a new mattress, or if you are tossing and turning or experiencing back pain, it may be time for a new mattress.  Plus, upgrading to a new mattress will help you stick to your routine since you won’t be able to wait to jump in and get cozy on fall nights!  Visit Serta online to learn more about available mattresses and to get helpful mattress shopping tips.



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