Aug 14 2012

Bring the Serta Hotel Experience Home

Have you ever stayed at a high-quality hotel and slept a million times better than you ever have at home?  Sure, the fancy linens and super comfy pillows help, but for many it’s the hotel mattress that does the trick.

We hear from customers here at Serta every day that fall in love with the Serta hotel mattress they recently slept on while traveling.  Many tell us that it was the hotel experience that prompted them to consider replacing an old, worn out mattress.  (After all, there is no better way to test a new mattress than to actually sleep on it!)  Others tell us that the hotel mattress was simply more comfortable than what they had at home.  So….what is it about these hotel mattresses that makes them so comfortable?

Made Exclusively for our Fine Hotel Partners:  Serta’s hotel mattresses are designed specifically for our hotel partners, using a combination of features that we use exclusively for this program.

Advanced Comfort and Support Features:  Our hotel partners want their guests to experience a great night’s sleep.  That’s why every Serta hotel mattresses uses advanced comfort and support features such as Serta’s KoolComfort Memory Foam and our Continuous Support innerspring.

Built to Last:  Like all Serta products, our hotel mattresses are built to stand the test of time, for years of lasting comfort and support.

Double-Sided:  The unique double-sided construction allows for an easy flip rotation and increased sleep surface.

Now, you can bring the hotel experience home with Serta’s new Boutique Suite hotel mattress collection, available exclusively to purchase online.  These mattresses are built to the same specifications used for our hotel partners.  Shop the collection by clicking here.

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