Apr 03 2012

We ‘Heart’ Home for Sleep – so Why Aren’t We Sleeping Better?

When it comes to sleep, there really is no place like home, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2012 Bedroom Poll. This is the only National Sleep Foundation poll to ask how fundamental elements of the bedroom contribute to sleep, and the results may surprise you.

Even though we are a traditionally sleep-deprived nation, the majority of poll respondents report sleeping well at least a few nights during the week.  On average, respondents are sleeping between 6 1/2 – 7 1/2 hours each night.  Plus, the majority of respondents take their bedroom environment seriously, with more than 60% viewing it as essential to a good night’s sleep and more than 90% considering their mattress an important part of the sleep experience.

The poll is filled with some great information, from how respondents make their bedroom purchase decisions to what impacts a “romantic” sleep environment.  All in all, the poll indicates that we are a nation taking our bedroom environment seriously while placing a premium on the quality of sleep.  Check it out by clicking HERE.

Even with these promising poll results, many Americans still report having difficulty sleeping several times each week.  So, what’s the catch? 

We all know that sleep is fundamental to our health and well-being.  After all, parents were preaching this to us as children, and our doctors (and the media) are still preaching this to us today.  We know that a good 8 hours sleep will result in a more productive day at work and a more enjoyable evening at home. Even with our beautiful bedrooms, carefully decorated to provide rest and retreat at the end of a long day, we are still waking up feeling cheated of a good night’s rest and suffering as a result.

It’s pretty clear that having the right attitude towards our bedroom is just the first step towards better sleep.  The next step is developing the right attitude about sleep overall.  Most of us live hour to hour and feel lucky if we are able to accomplish only half of the things on our ‘To Do’ lists every day.  This leaves us very little time to stop, relax and take care of our bodies and minds in the hours before bedtime.  In other words, we are a nation that isn’t very good at “shutting down”!

The effects of poor sleep extend beyond your basic sleepiness.  For instance, the NSF recently reported that sleep deprivation may cause increased calorie consumption, leading to weight gain and fatigue.  This, in turn, impacts the quality of sleep, creating a vicious cycle.

So, in closing, we are grateful to our friends that the NSF for encouraging us to love our bedrooms and create the right environment for sleep.  Whether or not we choose to use our bedrooms for better sleep – well, that’s totally up to us.

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