Mar 27 2012

Serta Brings Gel Memory Foam Technology to Innerspring Mattresses

Sleeping on an innerspring mattress is about to get cooler with Serta’s new iSeries mattress technology.  For the first time, Serta has combined its revolutionary Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam with its most advanced innerspring to-date, the Duet™ Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil Support System.   This breakthrough technology offers a new solution for mattress shoppers interested in the benefits of Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, while preferring the support of a traditional innerspring mattress.

Perfect Day by Serta with iSeries Technology

Serta’s Cool Action Gel Memory Foam was introduced in 2011 with the iComfort® Sleep System, offering mattress shoppers an alternative to ordinary memory foam mattresses.  This unique material is made with Serta’s exclusive MicroSupport™ gel, which is infused into premium memory foam for up to seven times more cooling comfort and up to two times more support than ordinary memory foam.  Serta’s new mattresses with iSeries technology combine Cool Action material with the Duet Coil Support System, which is uniquely designed to respond to each sleeper’s body for balanced comfort and deep, postural support.


“Serta’s iSeries technology really offers mattress shoppers the best of both worlds,” said Andrew Gross, Serta’s senior vice president of marketing. “Now, those who have heard all of the buzz around iComfort and want to experience our Cool Action gel memory foam have an option in the innerspring category.  Plus, these new mattresses are designed to work with our Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation, offering a totally customizable sleep experience with an innerspring mattress.”


Serta’s iSeries technology is now available in new Perfect Day® mattresses and will soon be available in Trump Home™ mattresses across the United States.  Serta offers a variety of mattresses with iSeries technology, ranging from ultra-plush pillow top models to traditionally firm models.  Suggested retail prices range from $1299 – $2499 (Queen mattress plus standard foundation).  Visit to find a retailer near you.


Mar 23 2012

5 Tips to Spring Up Your Sleep

Spring is officially here!  This is a great time of year because it’s full of so much promise of things to come.  More hours of sunlight are inviting us to live a little more each and every day.  Warmer air is hinting at the summertime ahead.  We are slowly coming out of our “winter comas” and feeling more inspired to clean up and renew our lives.


Now, we all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our overall health and wellbeing.  So, why not Spring Up Your Sleep this year, and treat yourself to more restful nights for more energetic days?  Here are 5 helpful tips to help you renew your sleep this season:

  1. Zen Your Bedroom.  Keeping your bedroom clean and clutter free will help reset your mind and body when you lay down at night.   Take inventory of the items in the room and ask yourself what can be removed to create a more peaceful atmosphere.  Have a television in your bedroom?  Now is a good time to take a “test run” for one week without the tube in your boudoir and see if you sleep better.  Plus, don’t forget to give the entire room a thorough Spring-cleaning, removing all dust build up from the winter.
  2. Mind the Sheets & Pillows.  Your bed’s décor can help set a restful mood when you retreat to your bedroom at night.  However, selecting the wrong sheets and pillows can also ruin a good night’s sleep.  If it’s been a long time since you’ve upgraded your bedding, now is the time.  Soft, breathable sheets and premium, supportive pillows can spruce up the appearance of your bed AND the quality of your sleep.
  3. Put Down the Wine.  Well, at least within the hours before bedtime.  Studies show that consuming alcohol in the hours before bedtime can negatively impact quality of sleep.    While its affects may calm you and help you fall asleep, alcohol can also cause you to wake up more during the night.  This will leave you feeling sleepy, and not to mention pretty cranky, the next day.  So, save the wine for happy hour instead.
  4. Have a Heart-to-Heart with Fluffy.  Pet parents often find themselves sharing their bed with their “fur babies”.  It can be tough to turn down those puppy dog eyes, but sleep and pet experts alike will tell you this is one bad habit that you need to break.  First, letting your pet sleep on your bed blurs the lines of bed “ownership”, and your four-legged friend can quickly become territorial.  Second, you deserve more room to stretch while you sleep, and your pet doesn’t understand those boundaries.  Why not make everyone happy and buy Fluffy his or her own Serta pet bed, while you sprawl out comfortably on yours?  
  5. Pull Back the Covers and Say Hello….to your Mattress.  When is the last time you thought about this big rectangular piece of furniture?  You are spending 1/3 of your life on it, so now is a good time to reintroduce yourself and see if its meeting your needs.  Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your mattress?
  • A valley has developed in the section of the mattress where you sleep
  • Sagging across the middle third of the mattress or along the sides makes you roll toward your partner
  • The mattress makes creaking noises
  • Soft, non-supportive edges are a sign of edge breakdown
  • You’re waking up sore or stiff in the morning
  • You’ve developed recurring back pain
  • Your current mattress is 7-10 or more years old


If you answered “yes” to one of more of the above, it’s probably time to shop for a new mattress.  That may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but Serta can make it a little easier for you.  Check out our interactive Mattress Selector, where you can answer a short set of questions and we’ll recommend some great Serta mattresses for you.


What are your best tips for improving sleep this spring?  Email us at and we just may publish your tip on Facebook!


Mar 16 2012

Why is it so Hard to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight Savings Time is here!  That means longer days with more sunlight and the promise of spring.  Yet, many people struggle to adjust to the time change and feel sleepier than normal at odd times of the day.  Why is this?

We did some basic research online to shed a little light on this mystery.   It turns out that it just takes a one-hour time change to mess with our circadian rhythms and our “body clocks”.  So, when your alarm went off this morning, your brain knew it was time to get up but your body didn’t get the memo.  And, when you get home tonight, your brain will be delighted that it’s still light outside, but your body will be confused about what time it really is.  In several days time, brain and body should meet up and get on the same page.  But, what to do until then?

Check out these tips from the National Sleep Foundation on everyday sleep habits that can ease the time change and help us sleep better every night: 

    <li >Go to sleep and wake at the same time every day, and avoid spending more time in bed than needed.

  1. Use bright light to help manage your “body clock.” Avoid bright light in the evening and expose yourself to sunlight in the morning.
  2. Use your bedroom only for sleep to strengthen the association between your bed and sleep. It may help to remove work materials, computers and televisions from your bedroom.
  3. Select a relaxing bedtime ritual, like a warm bath or listening to calming music.
  4. Create an environment that is conducive to sleep that is quiet, dark and cool with a comfortable mattress and pillows.
  5. Save your worries for the daytime. If concerns come to mind, write them in a “worry book” so you can address those issues the next day.
  6. If you can’t sleep, go into another room and do something relaxing until you feel tired.
  7. Exercise regularly, but avoid vigorous workouts close to bedtime.
  8. If you are experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness, snoring, or “stop breathing” episodes in your sleep, contact your health care professional for a sleep apnea screening.

(The content above is owned by the National Sleep Foundation and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of the National Sleep Foundation.)

Did you see tip #5?  That’s right, we often overlook the role our bedroom environment – including the mattress – plays in the quality of our sleep.    This is why Serta and the National Sleep Foundation recently partnered to conduct a national poll about the bedroom environment.  We’ll have the results to share with you in the coming weeks – plus an exciting contest where you can nominate someone in your life to win a new mattress.

Until then, we hope you find these tips helpful, and remember that you can always learn more about Serta’s partnership with the National Sleep Foundation and our new Perfect Sleeper mattresses by visiting





Mar 05 2012

Serta Celebrates Sleep Awareness Week

Happy Sleep Awareness Week!

It’s our favorite time of year!  Serta is proud to promote Sleep Awareness Week, an annual public education and awareness campaign from our friends at the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) that promotes the importance of sleep.

All week long we will be promoting sleep, beginning with the announcement of the NSF’s annual Sleep in America poll results, and ending with the clock change to Daylight Savings Time, when most Americans lose an hour of sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation Reveals this Year’s Sleep in America Poll

This year’s ‘Sleep in America’ Poll reveals how sleep, or lack of sleep, directly impacts America’s transportation workers, including airline pilots, railroad workers, truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi and limo drivers.  Learn more with ‘Sleep In America’ poll results HERE

The results of this poll got us thinking about how important sleep is to work performance and quality of life for all of us.  Whether you are an airline pilot, taxi driver, office professional, teacher, doctor or stay-at-home mom, how well you sleep impacts how well you perform throughout the day.

Follow the #sleepawareness conversation on Twitter @SertaMattress and Facebook page or check back here throughout the week for insights and tips for a better night’s sleep.

This week, we are committed to sharing some great sleep tips with our fans on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll explore some of the best music, movies and books to aid in better sleep as well as how switching to Daylight Savings Time impacts our sleep.  Follow us to stay up to date and to share your favorite sleep tips in return.

Could you need a new mattress?

Finally, in honor of this Sleep Awareness Week, we are shedding light on the role a mattress plays in the quality of sleep. Do any of these 5 common sleep problems impact how well you sleep at night?

  1. Tossing & Turning
  2. Lack of Support
  3. Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold
  4. Partner Disturbance
  5. Mattress Sagging or Roll-Off

If so, then it’s probably time to consider a new mattress.   Yes, we know that mattress shopping can be intimidating.  That’s why we’ve engineered  The New Serta Perfect Sleeper, with input from the National Sleep Foundation to help address all 5 of these common sleep problems.

Watch the video to learn more, and be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter all week for more helpful sleep tips!

Learn about the Serta Perfect Sleeper

Learn about the Serta Perfect Sleeper